Blueshirt has advised more technology-related IPOs than any other firm. We’ve guided landmark IPOs that transformed the capital markets, and smaller growth clients that went on to build exciting futures as larger cap companies.

Additive capabilities

Been through a previous IPO? Even so, the players have changed, as have the legal, regulatory and market context. Not only have we guided hundreds of companies, but our involvement with multiple deals at once across our firm means real-time insight on what does and doesn’t work.

Navigating for long-term success

We have navigated virtually every aspect of the IPO process -- and beyond -- as our clients transition into public companies. We leverage this know-how to help CEOs and CFOs communicate and manage expectations to build long-term shareholder value.

  • We understand the regulatory, market, and media issues
  • We work hand-in-hand with leading investment banks, law firms and presentation trainers
  • We create individualized programs since every IPO is unique
  • We orient to the mindset that the IPO is not the finish line, but rather the start of life as a public company

Easing the burden of a long and complex transition

Starting early can provide critical strategic advantages and result in a more favorable deal outcome. We partner with you to develop capital market strategies long before filing for an IPO.

IPO Advisory Services

  • Introductions and engagement with influential equity research analysts and top institutional buyers of IPOs
  • Assessment of the investment banking landscape
  • Advisor during S-1 drafting
  • Presentation and Q&A preparation
  • Analyst Day and Modeling Session preparation and guidance
  • Consensus management
  • “Testing the Waters” strategies and execution
  • Exchange selection
  • IR website development and coordination
  • Shareholder communication process
  • Mock earnings calls
  • Reg FD/ “Disclosure 101” programs for senior staff
  • Roadshow slide and video development
  • Employee communications and spokesperson guidelines
  • “Listing day” business press messaging, strategy and execution
  • Preparation for first earnings release and conference call