At its core, the Blueshirt Group is a capital markets advisory firm, whether for pre-public companies seeking access to the public markets through IPOs, SPACs or direct listings, or for fully-fledged public companies.

Trusted advisor for your path

Each path to becoming a public company presents unique criteria, challenges and opportunities. Regardless of which route you choose, the Blueshirt team has the expertise to guide you. Because of our strong track record and partnering ethic, leading investment banks routinely invite us to work on their largest and highest profile transactions. Our extensive relationships with bankers, research analysts and investors provide an ecosystem of support to navigate the complexities of the capital markets.

The journey continues

We don’t stop there. Blueshirt also helps assure a smooth transition for newly public companies as they ramp up internal IR departments, continue to outsource their IR and strategic communications support or opt for a combination of the two. We match our service levels to our clients’ needs.

Private equity and venture-backed deals

We work closely with private equity and venture capital firms to help portfolio companies navigate important capital milestones, such as transition to life as a public company.