Companies turn to Blueshirt’s capital markets, IR and media teams to successfully address the unique challenges of Direct Listings.

Rely on us

The Direct Listing process is a heavier lift for companies because the bankers’ role is more restricted than in a traditional IPO. As a result, companies need a trusted advisor more than ever. That’s where Blueshirt comes in.

Our capital markets experts are essential for the entire process, including vital activities such as gauging investor feedback and arranging investor meetings, which are routinely handled by the bankers in an IPO.

We know the terrain

As veteran bankers, analysts, institutional investors and media pros, we deeply understand the unique legal, regulatory and media landscape of Direct Listings. Also, we have navigated virtually every aspect of Direct Listings, enabling us to efficiently prepare executives and help manage expectations to build long-term shareholder value.

Partnering for a strategic advantage

Starting early can provide critical strategic advantages and result in a more favorable deal outcome.

  • We partner with you to develop capital market strategies long before filing for a Direct Listing.
  • We work closely with leading law firms, presentation trainers and investment banks, who routinely partner with us on their largest and highest profile transactions.

Custom programs

We create individualized programs since every Direct Listing is unique.