Media Relations

An effective media relations strategy is crucial for both public and pre-IPO companies. Blueshirt focuses on the business and financial media outlets in which an appearance can raise a company’s profile and have a positive impact on market position and valuation.

We have generated strong results for companies looking to tell their growth and innovation stories in influential business publications like The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, CNBC, The New York Times, Investor’s Business Daily, Forbes, Fortune, Bloomberg BusinessWeek and USA Today. We also work closely with tech/trade and VC-related publications such as TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Private Equity Week, VentureWire and many others. 

Our financially-focused approach provides us with a sophisticated understanding of the type of stories that top-tier online, print, broadcast and social media reporters are looking for. This allows us to evaluate the merits of various opportunities and provide our clients with in-depth preparation and counsel. We work closely and personally with reporters who know and trust us, so they both listen to our ideas and come to us when they need subject matter experts for their stories.

Content and Other Services

In addition to earned media, we help our clients build credibility and expert positioning with a focused, contributed content strategy targeted at select trade, business media and social media outlets. Our media and content services include:

  • Full-service or project-based media programs
  • Strategic counsel and message development
  • Pre-IPO business media visibility
  • Execute news announcements and media outreach
  • Prepare spokespeople and develop Q&A to support announcements
  • Conduct executive media training
  • Develop contributed content angles and bylines
  • Engage reporters in news cycle with quick response/resources
  • Counsel on social media strategy

What Our Clients Say

Blueshirt clients ringing the opening bell on NASDAQ and NYSE.